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LOCATED IN NORTH CAROLINA; LOLA was discovered on a back deck in an open-wire crate. It appears she was in there for some time and not let out even to potty as the excrement was almost her height. She was infested with fleas and in her torment of the itching 24/7, she tried to defend herself by pulling out her hair. There was hair in her teeth. Mats were so tight to her skin. Once she was shaved down and the fleas were under control, her other painful problem was revealed. Her teeth had many abscesses and all of them had to be removed. She was so happy to be able to eat moist kibble without all the pain. Food is very important to Lola. She hops on her back feet and jumps with glee at each meal. She looks like a Maltese/poodle and weighs about 6 pounds. She likes all dogs, large and small. She is very friendly and goes to all adults and wants to get on their lap to get attention. The Vet thinks she is 8 years old and she does play with small stuffed toys. She likes a bathroom break about every 4 hours. Lola is easily house-trained on that schedule. If you like long walks, she will trot along with you and does well on leash. We are looking for a FOREVER home for her. With a long period of neglect and torment, she deserves a home filled with love and safety that was never in her past. If you are looking for a real jewel, here she is waiting for you! Please call Mary to get more information to adopt Lola. 262-800-3323.

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