Alma and her sister Addy came to us in February of 2014. Their Mom had to go to personal care. They were litter mates and were 12 when they came to us. Alma was the shy one when she arrived but my husband, John, soon won her over with lots of love and understanding. She loved both of us and became very outgoing. She loved us and loved her brothers and sisters. She learned to go to the door to ask to go outside and she joined in with the family. We were so blessed to have these two wonderful little girls in our home. On April 13 she became suddenly sick. She died about 10 hours later of a perforated bowel. She also had a tumor that appeared to be cancer when they did the autopsy. No real symptoms just threw up a couple times but then ate and all was well. We miss this little girl so much. Her sister, Addy, is doing pretty good as she has her other brothers and sisters. Alma will always be in our hearts and we were so sad she went so suddenly at the 24 hour care and we did not make it on time to be with her. So very sad. Alma you will always be so special in our hearts and made us really love the Shih Tzu breed even more. Rest in peace little girl. 
 Love, Mom and Dad.
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For our Loved Ones, The Heart Never Forgets
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