Angel, My Heart of Hearts

On Thanksgiving Day 1999, we first saw Angel at the home of Mary Palmer.  She was part of a little white, moving mass, like a herd of sheep, which turned out to be Mary's three (little lambs) and Angel.  Angel knew immediately that we were there for her.  Right away she warned the others by sharply barking at them to keep away as she laid claim to us.  She picked us before we could even pick her!
We took her home that day not knowing how our lives would be changed forever.  This precious little bundle became my heart, literally.  I would hold her close and I could feel the love flowing between us.  Angel loved me so much and I loved her!
We had so many good years together and even as she was failing and would lay sound asleep in her bed, if I left the room, she would seek me out right away.  It was so hard to let her go but we know she is in a better place and we will all be together again at Rainbow Bridge.  Goodbye my heart, my love, my Angel.  
R.I.P. 1/19/1993 - 8/27/2009
For our Loved Ones, The Heart Never Forgets
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