We were fortunate enough to adopt our sweet little Annie at the age of 6 in 2003 (she's on HappyHomes2003page7). The day we brought her home, she explored our whole condo, then curled up on a little round pillow at one end of the couch. That was her spot, and her pillow, from then on.

Within 2 or 3 days  this friendly little 6-year-old "puppy" was jumping up on the bed in the morning to play. At first I thought the way she spun in circles was a trick someone had taught her, but a I soon realized it was just what she did when she was excited or delighted.

Like when you would ask her "Walk?”, or more often when she would come to ask for a walk. This happened 3-5 times a day (or night) for many years and she seldom got turned down. And her favorite treat —Turkey! (the sandwich meat-deli kind) At first this was doled out sparingly, but over the years, well let's just say she was a little spoiled. We made the mistake of giving it to her as a reward for going out to go potty at bed-time. Pretty soon she was asking to go outside often, then running back in to spin in circles in front of the refrigerator.

She was also buddies with our nephew Johnny who is the same age as Annie. She was always excited to see him.

Last April 1 (2012), she turned 15. I was telling other people I'd see walking their dogs that Annie just turned 15 and they would be amazed because she still seemed so energetic. And that's the way she was until just a few days before she died on May 1, and I guess that's the way to go. 

Annie is survived by Mama (Ann), Daddy (Jeff ), cousin Johnny and her Maltese-sister Molly, who was looking for her for several days after. We loved Annie very much and will always miss this happy little dog.
For our Loved Ones, The Heart Never Forgets
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