Our donation comes to you from the many, many generous folks who make up the family of the Spoiled Maltese forum (www.spoiledmaltese.com).  Recently our beloved Maltese baby Atticus got out of our yard – apparently our house sitter didn’t comprehend the meaning of watching the dogs while outside.  We were frantic – we asked our friends on Spoiled Maltese for prayers – they are truly special people, who prayed, sent email, called us, called local businesses, faxed businesses the missing poster and donated the reward money.  We spent 6 sleepless nights looking for our little boy. I’m a biologist so for me this meant trapping and checking traps, and walking around in the dark (he had been spotted in a restricted area near an experimental explosive range - where we could only be after 5pm each day). Apparently our little boy wasn’t going near people and things were looking grim– but our friends kept our spirits up with their positive thoughts and prayers.  Our prayers were answered on Sat. morning – our little boy was found by a retired professor friend of ours (that story is below), he was dehydrated, but did not need a hospital stay), and he was ALIVE and back with us.   We owe our friends at Spoiled so many thanks.  We were overwhelmed by their love and generosity with the reward money –the finder of our lost pup was just happy we had our boy back and turned the reward down.  The Spoiled Maltese folks were of the opinion we should do what we wanted with their donations - we had no doubt in our minds that we donate that money to some of our favorite organizations in the name of our beloved pup Atticus and our dear friends at Spoiled Maltese.

We appreciate so much what you do but we are rarely in a position to send money to your organization.  We visit your sites regularly and pray that all of your pups find a forever home.  We admire your dedication and drive that keeps you looking out for those who can’t speak for themselves.  

Thank you for all you do for our four legged friends.

Jennifer Johnson & Ken Eack

The Atticus true SM! Story.

Bill was walking along one of the flood control roads (they run along the flood channel and form a dam to prevent water from coming into town, this particular one was about 20 feet high).  He usually walks these roads on most weekends.  As he was heading north on the road, he noticed that a single crow was acting rather odd and it caught his attention.  The crow was on the other side of the flood channel (about 80 yards directly across from where he was) and he noticed that it was harassing a small white spot, which then moved.  Since he knew that Atticus was missing, he decided to hike over to investigate.  As he got closer, he noticed that the crow seemed to know that Atticus was in distress and was after him for breakfast.  Bill said that Atticus was holding his own very well against the crow and had no plans to become breakfast.  Once he got close, the crow flew off and then Atticus faced Bill.  Although he could not see his eyes, Bill knew that Atticus could see him and was not about to let Bill near, until he was able to touch Atticus on his back and then Atticus knew that everything was alright and allowed Bill to pick him up.

Bill walked to our house with Atticus in his arms and Atticus knew that this place was interesting.  But nobody was home (we were out posting flyers) and so Bill starting walking to Sandy Kieft's house (Bill, Sandy and myself all work together) so that he could call me, but we ran into them on the road before he got there.  At first I was in such disbelief that I wasn't sure it was Atticus, and did not know it was Bill.  We quickly figured out who everyone was and Atticus got in the car with Jennifer and Rugby and then we rushed home to start getting the burrs out of his coat until the vet opened up at 9 am, only 20 minutes after our reunion with our pup.

Atticus had lost 1.5lbs and was a little dehydrated, but after all of the burrs were removed from his neck he started eating and drinking.  He is now back to his normal self and very happy to play with his brother Rugby.

Atticus Lost and Found
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