Dearest friends, 

Yesterday morning at 10:05 our precious Baci Boy went back to God and joined our dear Becky. Baci was one of the dearest furbabies anyone could be blessed to love. He was just 2 months short of being nineteen years old.  He had a quite journey to us and found us when he was already 14, so we had just under 5 treasured years with him, but we loved him enough for many lifetimes. He is now in God's tender care and I know he did his Maltese dance when he saw Becky. No doubt he is sitting with my mother who awaited his arrival having gone to heaven just a few months ago. Baci will never be alone for he is with little Becky, my mother, my father, and my son Toby ~ they all loved him dearly and preceded him to heaven by a short time. 
Some of you will remember the day Baci made his way to us via Midwest was a journey with candles lighting the starry winter sky to guide his way safely. Baci was special and the loss of his companionship is devastating. This photo was taken just a few months ago, the Sunday before Easter. 

I remember his story well. I have told so many people his story and they all agree, as that first woman at the shelter did, that this was a special little fellow. Mia and I think of him as an angel sent by God to help us through the years of upcoming incredible loss we were about to experience. Baci came, and then my son, Toby, stayed with us for 6 weeks before he moved, and Baci slept with him every night. Toby died 5 mos later. Then when my parents came for Toby's funeral, Baci sat on my mothers lap for hours on the front porch, and he would stand by my they are all gone and it was Baci who, with his gentle way, helped us through each difficult day. Now, I think that little angel knew it was time for us to go on and that he was ready to return to heaven. I am not sure I can ever have another Maltese. 

Baci was just 6.2 lbs when he arrived here, so I can only imagine how tiny he was when he was picked up that cold winter day! He was a perfect weight at 7.5 lbs and still small. To think I was visiting in Racine that every weekend. And the shelter where he was turned in was the town next to where my parents lived! I always believed he was meant to be with us; He was trying to get to us. He is an angel. 

Maybe you could add the photo I sent (I even have the one you sent in email form after you'd cleaned him can hardly believe it is the same dog) anyway, could you put him on your website? That would be so special Mary! 

The photo I sent was just last Easter and he looks so lovely...can hardly tell he was 18!! 

Take gentle care. 
With love, 
Baci's Story

Baci is dancing in Heaven. 
Sun, 14 Sep 2003 12:33 PM

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