Our Bailey Girl 

Wednesday, May 18, 2005 

About our Bailey
We only had Bailey for one year, but what a blessed year to have her in our lives.  She came to us with her friend Max, who misses her dearly as we do.  I worry about him alone without her. 

Bailey was a very sweet, extremely smart, the socialite, as she loved everybody.  Anyone could come to our door and feel very welcomed by Bailey.  I think she thought everyone came to visit her and to give her a cookie.  We called her Bailey the Whaley because she loved to eat, and eat just about everything.  She loved bananas, cantaloupe, applesauce, jello, green beans, carrots, and cottage cheese as well as canned or dry dog food. 

On walks she would see everything.  A cat in a window or in a tree, a squirrel half way up a tree, and other dogs a block away.  I always felt as though she "got it" whatever this human thing existence is all about.  She learned routine easily, learned how to ask for what she wanted, and got it.  She was just very smart probably the smartest dog I've ever known. 

Dr. Luthey at Northbrook Critical Care said she had a sever mitral valve prolapse condition that enlarged her heart and strained her lungs.  She had a small trachea that would collapse and was a candidate for rupture.  I'm just grateful that she didn't suffer much and that I was home to respond to her at this time of need. 

She was the best little dog, and we will surely miss her. 

Doug, Debbie and Max 

Bailey & her buddy Max
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