Heavy heart 
Saturday, April 9, 2005

I know it has been a while since I have been in touch.  The boys, Bradi and Jake, have been and are doing wonderful.  Bailey on the other hand has been getting weaker each week.  His energy level was gone, to the point that as soon as he finished eating, he did not want to go outside, but rather back to sleep.  His overall physical condition had deteriorated a great deal.  He could no longer get up the one step that we have to get in the house.  We had to pick him up.  Remember, this is the dog that used to jump over my antique trunk to get in the living room when we were not home. 

We had to make the very difficult decision yesterday and had him put down last night. The nurse said he just went to sleep.  We brought him home to bury him.  We will all miss him a great deal.  He was for me the dog I had always wanted.  My little bag dog.  The others called him my velcro baby, because he always clung to me.  Where ever mommy went, Bailey wanted to go. He was the first animal that I ever flew with and can't imagine any other animal that would fly as well.  He charmed every flight attendent, the way he would just poke his head out of his bag and look around, and then would quietly lay back down until the flight was done. 

I wish I had met him earlier in his life.  But am greatful for the time I had.  I thank you and the rescue for giving us the opportunity to meet and fall in love with him.  Had it not been for your organization, I never would have had the chance.  Thank you. 


Bailey with his good friend Bradi
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