Original Post:  My name is Bam Bam and I am just a little guy only 3 months old.  No one would help me until the people at Northcentral Maltese Rescue, Inc. agreed to take me in.  I know I am not a little white dog, but I am little and maybe mostly Yorkie.  I need a lot of help if I am going to live for very long.  I have already had a Cardiac ultrasound/sonogram. This is something really big for a little 2½ pound guy. But it showed something is not working right inside my heart. I think the Doctors said a valve.  I need a Balloon dilatation inside my little heart. They say it might save my life. The costs for all the care I need is expected to be close to $3,000. 


Note: BamBam is scheduled for heart surgery on Sept 19, 2007. We scheduled the surgery at this time so that he could gain more weight and take a perscription medicine for his heart. Watch here for updates on his recovery.

UPDATE: September 20, 2007
For the last month Bam Bam has been on a prescription to try to reduce the size of the muscle in the lower right side of his heart.  Unfortunately this did not happened and that muscle did get bigger. Although it did, they where still able to get the instruments into the heart chamber that they needed to reach.  But unfortunately with the first try the balloon instrument did not fit into the valve that they needed to open.  If you imagine the valve like a round pie, cut into 3 equal pieces this is what the valve would have looked like.  In a correct heart all three pieces of this pie would open to allow blood through.  In Bam Bam's case two sections of that valve where attached.  It was the goal of this procedure to push these open and create the 3 separate flaps. On the first try the instrument was too big and would not fit in.  So they removed it and tried a smaller one. This did make it into the valve but was not large enough to open the valve completely.  So they then tried to use the larger one once again, but again they could not get it into the valve.  What they really needed was one in between in size, but sadly there is none.  So yes, we hope his life will be improved, how much at this time we don't know.  He will under go the ECG tomorrow to see what improvement there is in blood flow compared to  before the surgery.  I hope this helps everyone to understand what this little 3 pound guy has undergone. He still needs good thoughts and prayers. 
Thank you all again for making this possible.  Mary
UPDATE: October 7, 2007 
Bam Bam is recovering nicely from his surgery. Although it did not provide the complete outcome we had hoped for, his out look for a better longer life is accomplished. We have been concerned about how to place this sweet little boy.  He will require daily medication for the rest of his life and along with that costly vet visits as well. But as so often happens in rescue an Angel appears when we least expect it.  A person who worked in the critical care unit of the Veterinary Hospital at the University where he received his surgery has asked to adopt him. With 10 yrs of experience behind her we believe this was the home meant to be for Bam Bam. 
Northcentral Maltese Rescue is thrilled to announce that Bam Bam will go to his forever home on Tuesday 10-09-07.  We want to thank everyone who opened their hearts to Bam Bam and made it possible for Northcentral Maltese Rescue to provide the care to save his life. 

Mary Palmer, President/Rescue Coordinator 
Northcentral Maltese Rescue, Inc

Bam Bam is growing and enjoying life in Wisconsin.
Bam Bam

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