Our Beloved Buddy 1991 - 7/26/2011

Where do I begin to tell about a little senior maltese named Buddy who we "thought" we were taking in to foster back in 2003.  Who of course we fell in love with and adopted because as much as we thought we were rescueing him he rescued me.  When I went to pick Buddy up he was basically being tormented by a little 5 year old boy, whom most recently had knocked out his teeth from a plastic bat.  So of course I had told Mary I would foster him and he would be fine at our home since our boys were all grown up.  When we got Buddy to our house he was greeted by our other 2 maltese (Chloe & Caesar) to which he growled and tried to bite each of them.  Here was this little 6 lb. pound maltese trembling and holding his own against the "bigger" maltese dogs! He was definitely my "project" and I knew I had my work cut out for me!  What I didn't know at that time is how much Buddy would help me to get over the loss of my father who had just died of lung cancer.  I was so determined to turn Buddy around and I could always tell he was a true maltese cuddler when he would let his guard down.  It took many months and lots of patience and love to let his lover Maltese personality finally totally come out.  He learned so much in that first year about how Chloe & Caesar were his buddies and lots of company for him while we would be at work.  He slowly but surely quit trying to chew up every afghan/bedspread in the house and to quit shaking and shivering out of fear.  I still remember our vet saying to me back in 2004 how amazed he was at Buddy's transformation and he was such a nice little dog now.  We were so very blessed to have our beloved Buddy with us for 8 years.  Which still wasn't enough time to have loved and adored him.  Buddy truly taught our family about all the love and courage that can be packed into a little 6 lb. senior dog.  As much as Buddy learned to feel truly loved and safe, we learned MANY more lessons from him.  He literally survived several medical issues and bounced back like a little trooper!  Buddy had so much love, courage and cuteness packed into that little body of his.  We will never underestimate the strength, courage and pure astonishment that one little senior dog may have within them.  We will never have another dog that will fill those very special paw prints Buddy left behind and within our hearts.  But we are so much better for having been "rescued" by him and we will see him again one day.  Because of how special a dog Buddy was there have been many donations made to different animal groups in his honor.  Rest in peace Buddy at the Bridge where we know you are still teaching those special lessons to other pups! We love you dearly, John, Debby, Johnny & Chris Eagle. 
For our Loved Ones, The Heart Never Forgets
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