1999 - 2016

Back in 2001 we received a call from AMA rescue saying that they had a dog in need of being picked up ASAP. The owner had passed away and the grown children were going to put his dog down. They told a neighbor he was mean and not a nice dog at all. Well, we couldn’t let that happen so off we drove about 15 hours round trip. There was this little pitiful looking scrawny white dog cold and shaking all over! At the time we also had our little Chloe who was only 6 months old and ALL puppy!!!! Caesar reluctantly came into our car and was so scared it broke my heart. The more Chloe tried to kiss and cuddle with him the more scared he became.  

Well, needless to say they became best of friends very quickly! We fell in love with him instantly and he truly was the best little dog! He was my little shadow as he was used to being with just one person, so I think that’s why he latched onto me. I will never forget when my dad was bedridden with cancer we would take the dogs over with us to visit him. Caesar would NOT leave my dad’s side he would literally lay next to him the entire time we were there. He knew my dad was not well and brought him so much comfort in his final days.  

Caesar was just such a loving and compassionate dog, he was so easy to love. The type of dog you never have to even discipline because he never did anything wrong! We were so blessed to have him so many years and even though we had to let him go he will never really be gone. We have him in our hearts forever and know that we will see him again one day. I’m sure our beloved Miko & Buddy were waiting for him at the Bridge. We love you and miss you dearly Caesar, each and every day!  
All our Love, Mom, Dad, Chloe, Luda & Wally

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For our Loved Ones, The Heart Never Forgets
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