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Cassie was born into slavery in 1991.  She lived for the first eleven years of her life in a small wire cage, producing litter after litter of puppies for the benefit of her owners.  Then, her life changed forever.  She was spotted at a dog auction by a volunteer for another breed rescue group.  This large, gruff  man with a marshmallow for a heart refused to let her be sold to yet again another breeder at her age.  He bought her and brought her home. When taken from her travel crate and placed on the grass, she at first tried to keep all four feet off the ground at the same time, then decided this green stuff was OK.  She sat down, sniffed the ground and the air and got this amazed, but pleased look on her face, as if saying, "I don't know what this is, but I LIKE IT!"  From that moment on, she loved the freedom of coming and going as she pleased, running around the yard, eating wholesome food, drinking clean water, sleeping on a soft bed and living like a dog should.  It wasn't long before she was firmly established as Queen of the House -- her title for herself!  We all obeyed her every command. Even the rambunctious bird dog puppy would defer to her once she gently but firmly corrected his behavior.  After a time on your adoption web site, it was decided that her foster home would be her forever home due to a lack of interest in adoption of an older dog.  That, friends, was our gain and your loss.  To the end of her life she hated being picked up, but enjoyed being petted and loved on -- just as long as her feet remained firmly on the ground!  She loved, while still able to navigate the steps, to run out to greet Daddy when he came home in the evening, dancing around his feet, vying for attention with her four-legged siblings.  Around the same time she came to us, we adopted a Bichon puppy whose heart had been repaired.  Cassie's motherly instincts kicked in, and these two were seldom apart.  At the end, she was pretty much deaf, due to years of untreated ear infections, and her sight was limited by cataracts, but she never lost her appetite for a good meal and her joy in being the Queen.  The last few months she began developing tumors all over her body, so we watched her very closely for signs that she was experiencing any pain.  Sadly, on Saturday, March 5 she began to demonstrate symptoms of discomfort and we took the advice of our vet and let her go before she began suffering real pain.  Though she was only with us four years, we feel great pride in having made those four years good ones for her.  And, we loved her.  

Farewell, Cassie, Queen of the House, we'll miss you.
For our Loved Ones, The Heart Never Forgets
The Legend of Rainbow Bridge
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