Champ had a very rough start in life. He came to Northcentral Maltese Rescue Inc injured and needing surgery. Mary Palmer was his salvation and enabled us to adopt him when he was well enough to go to his forever home with Laurie and Pat Simon. Champ was a very social little fellow. He was great with other dogs and children. Champ was usually stuck like glue to Pat but Champ was my "under the covers snuggler". In the fall of 2010, Champ's health started to fail and our fantastic vet discovered that Champ's liver was shutting down. He pumped Champ full of liquids (and I'm sure some other things) and the feisty little guy bounced back to above "normal". :) No one could believe his age as he always acted like a playful puppy. He gave us 5 more years of amazing cuteness, barking, orneriness, barking, cuddling, occasional piddling in the shower, barking and smiles until his liver started failing again...this time the sweet pea couldn't bounce back. We've always thought that Champ had several lives starting with his rough condition coming to you needing surgery, etc. Bottom line...Champ hit the lottery living first with Pat and Laurie and then it continued with Pat and me AND we were equally blessed. Yes, he definitely could have been called "Bob, the Barker" but we truly miss that little guy a LOT!  

Over the years, Pat has talked about you and would say "we need to contact Mary and let her know how Champ is doing". I'm just sorry we didn't do it sooner. Just know that you are highly regarded and I'm hoping one day we will be able to be blessed again with one of your rescue babies.  

Most sincerely,  

Candy and Pat Simon 

Champ when he came into rescue
For our Loved Ones, The Heart Never Forgets
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