"My husband and I saw Chiquita's picture on the NMR site in March 2003.  We were ready to open our hearts again to another rescue. We knew the 'baggage' (as some people refer to it) that the puppy-mill rescue dogs bring. We picked her up in Wisconsin as we live in Minneapolis. For the first week we didn't know if we had made the right decision. She was fearful of all people and wasn't house trained. I can't even believe, as I look back, that I called Mary because I just didn't think I could deal with it. We hung in there after some encouragement from Mary and it was one of the best things we've done. She slowly grew more confident and loving. We stuck with her through many issues. She ended up being diabetic and I never minded providing the insulin shots twice a day and monitoring her diet. Due to her diabetes, she lost most of her site through Glaucoma. No problem, we just don't move furniture around on her. She looked up to her brother Mugsy, our other Maltese, and followed him around like a little sister. He ended up being very good to her and 'knew' she had special needs. About 9 months ago we found that dreaded lump. We had it biopsied and when we were told it was cancer we decided to spoil her rotten until she gave us the sign to give up. She had too many other health issues to try to treat the cancer. I always said that the day she doesn't greet me at the door with her tail wagging is the day that I will know she wants to give up the fight. We made the difficult decision to send her to the Rainbow Bridge on November 27, 2007. I still think of all the joy and happiness she brought to us more than I think about the difficulties. She gave us 4 1/2 great years and we were able to hopefully make up for her earlier troubled life for her by spoiling her like a little princess.  My favorite memory is of her dancing on her two hind feet for treats! To go from a shivering scared little 'mouse' of a dog to a dancing princess was quite the achievement. Thank you to Mary and NMR for the gift of Chiquita."
Thank you so much Mary, we loved her with all our hearts.........
Sharon and John
For our Loved Ones, The Heart Never Forgets
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