Celebrating our 7th Year of Rescuing Maltese
Recently the Rescue has had to make some difficult decisions about how many dogs we can afford to help. We have been inundated with dogs that have major health issues and we would like to give them all a chance at a better life. 

We remain dedicated to better lives for these dogs.
This little guy was about 9 or 10 months old when he was rescued in late November, 2006, at the last moment from a kill shelter in Tucson, AZ. He was weak, dirty, covered in ticks and near starvation. However, his largest problem was that he had multiple broken bones in his right hind leg. He could not use that leg at all. Since then, his ability to recover and even thrive in the face of his rough start to life is a miracle. The little guy now has no problems going up and down stairs, jumping on the sofa or even jumping up on our bed where he loves to sleep. Chance was adopted by his foster parents and is living in Arizona with his Maltese brothers.
Winnie has a heart problem. Digonstic testing on Feb 2 showed that the hole in her heart is small. She will be retested periodically to see if there is any improvement. Winnie is doing well and is living in Wisconsin.
Lucy Kay had Patellar Luxation in both knees. One leg was a Grade 4 out of 4 and the other was a Grade 2. The better leg was stressed because of Lucy's reliance on it. She needed surgery on the bad knee to prevent further deterioration of her good knee so she could return to an active life. Lucy Kay is now living in Illinois.

To read more, go to our Patellar Luxation page
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Combined Appeal
On December 22, 2006, Molly was found on the side of a busy road in 
Jacksonville, FL.  She was weak, could barely stand and was immediately 
taken to the nearest veterinary clinic by the person who found her. Since 
Molly needed so much rehabilitation, Maltese rescue was immediately 
contacted and Molly was brought to a central Florida foster home. Molly's 
condition was critical.  Upon evaluation, her heart murmur was a Grade V/VI.  
She had fluid in her lungs and an enlarged liver.  Molly's teeth were rotting 
in her mouth and contributing to the infection in her body.  Her age was 
estimated to be 17 years. After many vet visits, large amounts of antibiotics, 
heart medication, lasix for the fluid in her lungs and the removal of most of 
Molly's teeth, her life improved a great deal.  
It is with heart-felt appreciation that we thank all the donors to our Combined Appeal.
Your generosity has made a huge difference in the quality of life
for all of the dogs that needed your help.
Cracker Jack has PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosis). This little 1 year old had his surgery and is doing well. He is now living comfortably in Wisconsin.
Clementine had PDA like Cracker Jack, but with the complication of congestive heart failure. Surgery was performed and she made a remarkable recovery. She is a happy little dog living in Wisconsin.
Raymond has grand mal seizures and we needed to observe him and provide medication which he will need for the rest of his life. He is living in Wisconsin.
Early in 2007 we took in several dogs that needed major veterinary care.