My precious little Daisy went to heaven on October 19th, 2007 at 4:30 PM.

I'll never forget the day she came into my life.  Daisy was 12-years-old. She was surrendered, by her owner, who was lucky enough to have Daisy with her since she was a child.  Little Emily went off to college, and just couldn't care for Daisy anymore. Daisy's skin was so black and thick. Much of her hair was missing. I rushed her to the hospital, where she spent the night. I then brought her home and nursed this most precious of angels back to health.  After a year of fostering her, I realized she was already home.  I could never let her go. I adopted her. Daisy would have been 15 in February.

Daisy enjoyed life. She loved to eat. She would do anything for a cookie. She wasn't much for giving kisses. I would put a bit of cheese-whiz on my nose, so she would give me a kiss. 

Miss Daisy adored her dresses. She liked nothing better than waddling around the neighborhood, showing off the latest fall fashions.
I sure do miss you, sweetheart.  It's just not the same without you.  I am terribly lonesome for you.  I would give anything to hear you snoring in my bed.  To hear your little "woof, woof".  To just smell you.  When you took such a terrible turn on Thursday night, I was heartbroken for you.  I was heartbroken for myself.  You're a good girl, Daisy. You brought so much joy into my life. It was an honor being with you when you took your last breath. I find comfort in knowing you weren't alone.  I'm scared, Daisy. It's so hard without you.  Mommy will love you forever.
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