Ellie's Story
Ellie came to us in June, 2011 from her foster mom in the Rescue. She was already a senior. We did not have a birth date so her exact age was not known but perhaps she was about 14. She was a sweet little girl but she had many fears. One of her fears was a slippery floor. We had a wood laminate floor in our house that was exposed between the hallway and the living room carpet. She would skitter across the floor to get to the living room. We had to put carpet islands out for her so she could move between the bedrooms and living room. When in the living room, she would stare at me for long periods then come closer like she wanted to come up on the couch but as soon as I would try to pick her up, she would run away. It took her two years to get comfortable enough for me to be able to pick her up. She lost her little buddy, Maddie last year in March. Her health starting going down most of last year. Her rear legs would collapse when she was out side after doing her business when she tried to run back into the house. She had kidney stones and her eyes were failing. At the beginning of this year, she became very ill. She had lost a lot of weight, going from 7 lbs down to 5. We knew it was time for her to end the suffering. She was put to rest on January 4th. She’s now resting right next to her little buddy Maddie on our property. Sleep soft our little love.
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