Ellie was the sweetest little dog.  My daughter got her from a rescue back in 1999.  She was a breeder’s dog that was past her productive years.  I don't think she was well cared for because she couldn't eat well because the few teeth she had left were all bad.  After our Vet removed the last few teeth which were deeply infected, she started eating and gaining weight but now her little tongue hung out.  This became her trademark.  She looked so cute with it hanging out the way it did.  Our daughter moved to Texas but Ellie had pretty much attached herself to my wife and I so our daughter gave Ellie to us. 
She battled several diseases during her life with us, we thought we would lose her each time.  She would bounce back with good Veterinary care.  She was on so many medications and special diet it took 10-15 minutes to prepare her morning meal.  Even though we knew she must be in pain, she never complained.  She was a real trooper.  We took her to the emergency Vet in Green Bay on Labor day because she couldn't eat, her little body had finally given out.  We loved her dearly and miss her very much.  She has a special place to sleep on our property now and a very special place in our hearts.   
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The Legend of Rainbow Bridge
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