Essie is just 8 months old, yet her life is in jeopardy. Essie is in congestive heart failure due to Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA). This is a birth defect that if not corrected will shortly end her sweet little life. Please will you donate to help provide her with life saving surgery? Click here to fill out our Donation form or pay by PayPal. 

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Mary writes:
10-2-06:   No one would have any idea there was a thing in the world wrong with Essie.  My dogs for sure do not think so.  She runs and plays and jumps on my dogs all the time.  She is a high energy pup.  I asked Dr. Ray about it and the other vet I took her to.  They both said that pups will be this way until they fall over.  However, all anyone has to do is put a hand around her little rib cage to feel her heart, and it feels like a swosh-swosh of a washing machine. It does not feel like a normal little dog's heart beat. In spite of her energy level, one of her lungs was starting to fill with fluid.  It was only going to be a matter of time before something would have happened to her, so we really had no choice but do the surgery tomorrow.  I shaved her down because they would have had to do it anyway for the surgery, so I thought better that I do it.  

10-4-06:   I spoke to Dr. Ray a little while ago. He said Essie was doing really well. Dr. Livingston assisted Dr. Ray with Essie's surgery. They are optimistic.

Just got back from visiting Essie.  She is less than 24 hrs out of surgery and seems to be doing very well.  48 hrs and we can relax and assume it is a success.  She is still on a drip and not completely alert.  I have added a few pictures that I took at the hospital.  Dr. Ray reviewed the whole procedure with me, very interesting.  Essie's grade 6 heart murmur was reduced to a grade 2 during the surgery. 

I tell you these vets are a God sent to rescue.  Today when I was in the clinic I thanked them both again for all of us.  If I had time I would bake them cookies or something. 

10-7-06:   This afternoon I went to the clinic to pick up Essie. She is home with me resting in her crate.  She will be on crate rest for 10 days; this will be fun with a pup.  She is only allowed outside on a leash and not allowed to run and play.  But the greatest news of all is she has NO heart murmur at all now!!!  She is off of all heart meds and on antibiotics and pain killers only.  I will try to get some pictures tomorrow after I get some rest too.

10-12-06:   Essie seems to be recovering very nicely.  She is still confined to a crate and will be until Monday when she goes back in for a exam.  She would love to run and play like every other pup, but unfortunately that is not possible at this time.  I do take her out on a leash every few hours for a potty break, but then it is back inside to her crate.  Last night for the second night in a  row she woke me at 3 AM to go potty, now don't get me wrong I am thrilled she is so house trained, but last night it was below freezing and not a nice place to be from a nice warm bed with 4 other little fluffies snuggled up with you.  I do have one problem with her and I am at a loss how to handle it in a way I feel comfortable with her.  She insists on dumping her food.  Even if she is going to play with it, she dumps it out in her crate and pushes it all over and even out of the crate.  Then she wants to eat!  I have tried to just put it on the floor of the crate thinking she just did not want to eat out of her bowl, but no that is not it.  I have used a side mounted bowl as well but she will just work at getting it out of the holder and dump it, she has even done it with water too!  Guess I will have to just do it for another week.  I just put a hand full on the floor of the crate now.  She won, I give up. LOL
Dr Ray with his little patient
Essie in her comfy bed at the veterinary hospital
Essie is resting comfortably after her surgery

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