Hoover’s Story
WELL, all of that was about to change. We started out just leaving the crate door open, then started slowly moving it out of the house. NEVER, to go into one again. Little by little he got stronger and soon he was able to jump up onto the couch and then onto the back of the couch. THEN suddenly he noticed rabbits, squirrels and birds for the first time. He learned very quickly how to bark when he saw something move outside. He learned so well that when we would go away for a few days and he would go to stay with Aunt Mary (Mary Palmer), she would have to close her drapes because he barked at everything that moved outside. As his legs got stronger he started one of his favorite things. Running around the dinning room table just as fast as his little legs would take him. He turned out to be the love of our lives and such fun....

Then the first part of December, 2006, we took him into the vet to have his teeth cleaned and while they had him there they took an x-ray of his tummy area and found that he had a tumor the size of a tennis ball. We had no idea since he was still just the same at home, still eating and running around the table everyday.

Well on January 13th we lost our little buddy. He is in a better place and is no longer in any pain.. That is all we can ask for....  We are just so grateful that we were able to make the last part of his life full of fun, running, & barking, and giving him LOTS OF LOVE. He was a wonderful friend and we miss him everyday. We can't thank Mary Palmer and the Maltese Rescue enough for putting so much joy into our lives.... Hoover left us on January 13, 2007.

Hoovey's Mom & Dad, Charlie & Jackie 
This is Hoovey
He was born on 12/25/91
We adopted him from Rescue on 11/4/00..
We had always had very large dog and had a chocolate Labrador when we adopted Hoovey.... It was really different having such a little dog around, but he got along with Duker right away. When we brought him home we noticed that he had no muscles in his back legs and he didn't bark at all. I'm sure that is because he had spent the first 8 year of his life in a crate at the end of a hallway.... 
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