In August 2008 Mary Palmer asked me to foster a little boy called Scruffy, or Quincy Boy.  He came to my house and owned it.  His name quickly became JoJo.  All my neighbors told me if I didn’t keep him on a permanent basis they would never speak to me again.  Well- so it was that he stayed and we both found our love for each other.  He came from a very neglectful past and he seemed to leave it all behind him.

I went thru manners classes with him and the trainer Linda, told me I should make him a therapy dog.  She put me in touch w/ Vitas Hospice and away we went.  He walked into these places, hospitals, nursing homes and he owned the place. Everyone knew his name and no one cared who I was just JoJo.  Patients that didn’t care for animals all loved him.  He knew just the person to go to.  It was amazing to watch.  He always knew the special connection he had.  People that didn’t seem to have a connection with him he would just jump into their lap and sit there till they just had to pet him, or just lay next to them in their  bed and just be there.  It was an ice breaker sometimes.
In June 2010 he got sick and went downhill from there.  Never seemed to be himself, even after all the medications and visits he seemed to know his time was short and I knew in my heart that something wasn’t quite right.  Friday night on July 2, 2010 he had a seizure and I knew it wasn’t good and on the long way to the ER I knew my JoJo was going to be with my dad who had passed away a few months before.  The vets came in and told me the sad news and I knew it was time.  I told him to go be w/ grandpa that  he was waiting for him and he went home.  I will cry a little every day for him.  He was a special little dog with a huge heart. 

I love you Jo

For our Loved Ones, The Heart Never Forgets
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