In Loving Memory of Cupcake
March 24, 1995 to March 1, 2009
Cupcake came to us when she was a little over 2 years old.  Her mom realized she could not take care of her properly.   I met them in a parking lot halfway between both our homes.   As I drove up, I could see how much they loved each other.  However, her mom was making a wise decision.  This little girl was home alone for 10 hours every day, locked in the bedroom.  As I took this baby, I could not believe how matted her hair was.  I was unable get my fingers anywhere near her skin.  I could feel the tip of her tail had been broken.  Probably closed in a door, by how crooked it was.  We arrived home and this poor little thing had to deal with me and the clippers.  We were finally able to get thought the matting by her belly.  When I had the mass off her, it was 1 lump of hair.  She was full of sores from the severe matting.  The poor thing was shaved naked.  Even though it was a very warm day, in June, she was now cold.  So on went a sweater!  Now, it was time to tackle the nails.  They were so long that they had curled around putting pressure on those little pads.  When we were finally done, she was very scared.  Who could blame her after all this stranger put her through in those first few hours.  That quickly passed.  I held her in my arms for several hours, giving her all the attention she wanted.  When my husband arrived home, that evening, I greeted him at his car door holding this tiny hairless baby in my arms.  He opened the door and said, “I guess we’re keeping this one.”  We fell in love with her the moment we saw her.

I don’t remember what her name was when she came to us.  What I do remember, we did not think it fit her nor did she know her name.  This was when Cupcake was born.  Our first month with Cupcake was challenging.  She was not housebroken.  OK, no problem, I thought. I’ve trained many dogs and puppies.  Since the first 2 years of her life were locked in the bedroom, where do you think she thought was the proper place to go?  Yes, my bed!!  Cupcake quickly befriended Rascal, my male Maltese.  The two would go with us everywhere.  As I would sit watching my children play baseball.  Cupcake was looking for her 1st mom, while Rascal slept on my lap.  Anyone that resembled her 1st mom, Cupcake would pull on the leash trying to follow her.  Though she was happy with us, she still missed her.  Then one day, something changed.  There were no more accidents and she stopped looking for her 1st mom.  I believed she realized this would be her forever home.

Of course, Cupcake slept in our bed.  Rascal, her best friend would sleep under my chin and Cupcake right next to him.  Eventually, she won my chin and Rascal moved to my pillow.  It was this way for years, until Rascal became ill.  Cupcake gave him back my chin and she moved to my back.  Even after Rascal’s passing, 2 years ago, Cupcake stayed at my back.  
The last 12 years with Cupcake were the best.  She loved giving kisses.  So much so, that I would always have to worry about my skin chapping.  She brought us so much love.  Her passing went fast.  Cupcake woke up that morning, like any other.  It was a bitter cold Sunday, as a snow storm was coming our way.  Cupcake enjoyed her treats that morning and afternoon.  At dinner she didn’t eat.  Cupcake wasn’t under the table, as we ate.  That was not like her.   At point in time, my though was to take her to the vet first thing in the morning.  Maybe she had an upset stomach.  I picked Cupcake up, leaned back on the couch snuggling with her on my chest.  Within a few minutes, I knew in my heart something was happening.  I held her close as she seemed to fall asleep.  It was that fast and that peaceful.  I miss her terribly!  She was my baby!   Cupcake will be buried next to Rascal.  They are peacefully together, again, at Rainbow Bridge.

For our Loved Ones, The Heart Never Forgets
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