Jack Frost
On Sunday, October 1, 2006, we lost a very wonderful member of our family. Jack Frost, our little rescue Maltese, died peacefully in his Mom’s arms with his Dad right beside him petting him. Jack came from a terrible abuse two years ago. He had bleach poured on his little body causing chemical burns to his skin and splashing in his eyes. In his pain he tried to lick off the bleach and thus his mouth was full of blisters. At this point he was dumped in a pound that did nothing to ease his pain! An angel was with Jack that day and sent someone from rescue to find him.  He was rushed to an animal hospital and immediately put on IVs to ease his pain and protect him from further infection, and given many eye drops to soothe his eyes. In a few days when he was feeling somewhat better, all but 3 of his badly infected teeth were removed to help ease his mouth pain. He was in the hospital about 10 days. At that time he went to live with foster parents who were also groomers. They trimmed him and bathed him several times a day to ease skin damage. They continued with the eye drops as well. He was then placed on Petfinder and that is where I saw him. As soon as I saw him, I knew we needed to help him and hopefully be allowed to adopt him. I called and set up an appointment to meet Jack (then known as Gordon). Two days later my husband took off from work, and on his birthday we made the 3 hour one way trip to New Jersey to meet Jack. When he was handed to me I could see he was very frail and still had a few scabs on his body. I held him close to me and he looked into my eyes with his very sore little eyes. He studied my eyes very carefully and before you know it he was licking my face. Everyone in that room knew that Jack had just found his forever Mom and Dad! On the way home we stopped at Burger King for something to eat, and while John went in to get the food, Jack and I took a short walk and he got a drink of water. When John came out he broke up a hamburger in very small pieces and Jack ate the whole thing! At home he met his blind Yorkie brother and his wonderful sisters. At once there was a bond and there was never any growling or upset from Jack or any of the others. Jack was home and he knew it from the start. Teddy the blind Yorkie became his best friend and they played tug-of-war and chase all the time. Teddy continued to grow as he was mixed with something else. He reached 22 pounds but that did not stop the “big” Jack – all 6 pounds of him! This was two little rescue dogs that not only found a forever home but each other.
In June of 2006 Jack was diagnosed with Kidney failure. We began more tests and treatments none of which seemed to work to well. We decided to try subcutaneous fluids at home. After watching at the vet’s for 2 weeks, I decided it was time to do it at home. Most days went well and every day Jack cooperated and licked me when I finished. His Dad would then hold him up at his shoulder for over an hour and he was very content. As the weeks passed Jack became stronger and started to run full speed through the family room and kitchen and make his funny little noises when he stopped running. It was so cute to watch. I videotaped him and it is priceless to me. Once again this little boy beat the odds and felt well for a short time. After about 3-4 weeks of feeling stronger, he seemed weaker. On September 30th he suffered a seizure and we knew his time was running out. I held him for over 12 hours with only a few breaks at which time John held him so his final hours on earth were in loving arms. He hardly slept and once again those beautiful eyes (now cloudy and not well focused) studied mine. Jack was giving me the sign I prayed for and that was to let me know when he was ready to go. He was put to sleep Sunday about 11:30 a.m.
I wish that we would have had Jack all his life and he could have spent all his days here and not been abused. When this happened it was a miracle that he survived but the will was there and I think that in his brave little heart he knew that someone out there loved him and he just had to find them. For almost 2 years he was with that family of his Mommy and Daddy and our grandchildren Brooke and Lexi that loved him beyond any words as did we. I think that God helped me to find Jack as a few weeks before that we were supposed to get another rescue from elsewhere in New Jersey and it fell through. I was so upset but started going on Petfinder again and that was when I found Jack. A big part of my heart died last Sunday when Jack took his last breath. My life is forever changed and Jack is what rescue is all about. I will always choose a rescue dog and I will fight all that I can to stop the terrible abuse of these innocent animals. If I were to pick the most important things in life, rescue is right up there at the top. I am now a different person and a better person, I have the heart of a rescue person and for that I am very proud. Jack will never be forgotten and his strong will to live and love again are an inspiration to me. Who would have ever thought that a little 6 pound dog would make me stronger and more determined to get in there and help more with rescues. Thank you Jack Frost for being you and for making me a better and stronger person. You have touched my life like nobody but you really understands. I know that your beautiful white hair is blowing in the soft breeze and that you are free again to run and play. I also know that you will always be with me in my heart and that one day we will meet again and this time we won’t have to be apart again.
Your Dad says he still feels your presence as if he were holding you in the evenings. I know you are still here taking care of things and watching me with those beautiful eyes now clear and without pain. I had to come home for lunch yesterday to feed the dogs as Sandy (our pet sitter) was away. I came home and thought I had to hear that little bark when I opened the door. I got everyone fed and went back to work. On the table where I keep my lunch bag was a lock of your hair. I don’t know how it got there but it was a sign that you were okay and that I needed to know you are with me wherever I go. You are my heart Jack and we will meet again and this time it will be with happiness and not the sad goodbye of last Sunday. I know you are with Abby and Max and that you will all be happy together until we get thee. Thank you, Jack. You have changed my life and have given me strength I didn’t know that I had. A poem that someone gave me when Abby died said she will be the brightest star looking down from heaven and I know you are a bright star too.
Your Mommy (Vicki)
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