Maddie (previously known as Julia) came to us in October, 2006 from Northcentral Maltese Rescue not long after the loss of our dear Ellie. Maddie immediately made me her person. Although she loved everyone, she was always at my side. Whenever someone came to our house, she would go up to them and lay on her back for a belly rub. She was always ready to take out big dogs. We had a golden retriever when we first got Maddie. Whenever he would come up to the family room in the evening to be with us, Maddie would be alerted long before we knew he was coming. When he enter the room, Maddie would fling all 7 pounds of herself off the couch and go for Kodi's throat, and of course, all she would get would be a mouth full of hair. Kodi tolerated her; he would back up a bit, then when Maddie was through, he would go lay down. Cracked us up every time. We took her everywhere with us, she loved to travel. This past year, we knew something wasn't quite right with her. At 11 she was starting to slow down. In December of last year she was diagnosed with Cushing's, we starting treating her for that. Then in March when she stopped eating her treats which she loved, I thought she must be having some tooth problems. So I took her to the vet who found some teeth to be infected. So the next day she went in to have that cared for, but the vet found that she was also in complete kidney failure as well. She never recovered from the operation and passed on March 23, 2015. We miss her very much. She was such a loving and affectionate little friend. We shall not, cannot forget, sleep soft our dear little Maddie.
Maddie's Story
For our Loved Ones, The Heart Never Forgets
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