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Maltese Picnic 

Memories from the Past: The Setting
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   The picture below shows the basic set-up for the Maltese Picnic. Tents are set up with tables and chairs inside, but a few people like to be out from under the tent. Some bring their own 10'x10' tent to put up in the area. A fence surrounds the tent and area so the pups cannot escape. The picnic has now found a permanent location in Racine, Wisconsin, with a building to serve food in, trees for shade and flowers that enhance the area.
   Auction items are on tables inside the tent. The Malt Shoppe is there to sell Maltese and dog related items, and a table is available with slightly used dog items for highly reduced prices. Drinks can be purchased for 50 cents each to take the edge off a hot Wisconsin day. A continental-type breakfast (featuring famous Racine Kringle) is available in the morning and lunch is served around noon. There are always leftovers and snacks for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. 
   Ongoing events occur throughout the day. A photographer will take family pictures, or an animal communicator will tell you what your dog is thinking. This is a time to renew old friendships and to meet new dogs and families.
   We hope attendees will stay around when the picnic is concluded to help put the tables and chairs away and do a final clean-up. We like to leave the property cleaner than when we arrived.
People and pups are everywhere
There is room under shade trees
It is a time to visit with old friends and make new friends who love their dogs as you do.
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