Picnics and Celebrations
Every year we celebrate the Year of the Maltese with a picnic to earn money so we can continue to save these precious little dogs. Please join us in June the weekend after Father's Day in Racine, Wisconsin for a fun-filled day of good fellowship, good food and many little white fluffies (and other colors under 20 pounds).
Our first get together after 1 year in the rescue business
Two years later we have grown and are now under a tent
Aww, so cute!
Here is an example of all the fun we have at a picnic. Follow all the pages through the events of the 2005 weekend. You can get family portraits or purchase fabulous auction items. There are fun raffle items, too.  Every year entertainment and educational events are different. 
Marie & Brian Murphy came from France AND won the Quilt at the picnic!
An informal gathering in October to celebrate more of our love for these little dogs. 

Saving Maltese Nationwide
Northcentral Maltese Rescue, Inc.
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