Max’s Story

Maximillian Eugene Royal Thunder came into my life in June of 2001 when he was 10 or 11 years old.  Max became my shadow the very first day I brought him home.  He was always right behind me and when I stopped, if there was room for him, he would stand next to me, sometimes on my foot.  
He had some issues at first and would not hold eye contact with me for the first year.  Soon after our one year anniversary, I caught him staring at me and from then on, he always watched me with those beautiful little brown eyes.  
He had a few little quirks that made him ‘my Max’.  I soon learned he would become my ‘little tough guy’.  He was fearless around other dogs but was afraid of the vacuum cleaner.  He would growl at it and bite the hose as I was trying to vacuum.  When he wanted my attention, he would sneeze at me until I looked down at him.  When I wore shorts around the house, he’d walk by me and give my leg a ‘drive-by’ kiss.  He wasn’t much of a kisser, but when I kissed his head, he’d always give me a kiss in return.  
October 16, 2006 was the saddest day of my life.  I said goodbye to my little Max and sent him to Rainbow Bridge.  Max changed my life in so many ways during the 5 ½ years we had together.  He made me a better person and a better Malt Mom.  He was very loved and will always be missed.

 As he got older and his vision started to decline, I started picking him up and lifting him on and off the sofa, bed, and the stairs to the patio.  I’d put him on the couch with Bingo and me and he’d bury his face into a blanket and fall asleep.  He was happiest when he was snuggled up against something with his face half covered with a blanket. 
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