Norma Brizzi has set up this foundation in memory of her beloved Maltese, Micah Bear. 
Micah Bear
Norma & Micah
Proceeds will be used to help our special needs rescues
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   The Micah Bear Foundation
What can I say about Micah?  He was my little bear, my angel, my comfort.  He was barely over a year old when he was turned in to rescue.  But I fell in love with him from the moment in May when I held him and he kissed me, and I adopted him that day. Micah became a companion and brother to my 4-year-old Maltese mix, eddie, who is a canine Triathlete in Flyball, Agility, and Frisbee.  Micah fit right into our active lifestyle and adored his big brother, so he wanted to do everything just like eddie.  He completed Companion Dog I and II classes, trained hard every week in all three sports, and travelled to all the trials and competitions and tournaments with us.  He was scheduled to take his Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test the next weekend, but the universe had other plans.  After only being in our lives for nine short months, he was hit by a car as he stood next to me and eddie, waiting patiently by my car to be put in his seatbelt for a trip to a Flyball Tournament.  It was 1:30 in the afternoon on a weekday, no one was around, we were standing next to my parking space in front of my condo.   A car came speeding around the corner and the driver didn't see us or hear me screaming to stop.  Micah died in my arms.

I can not make sense of Micah's death.  I needed a way to have something positive come out of something so painful.  So I created "The Micah Bear Foundation" to help me cope with his loss and redirect my energy into raising funds for our rescue organization.  I'm sure Micah would approve and wag his tail...

Micah is dearly missed by his Mama and his brother, little eddie

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