Micah Bear

"One Brief Shining Moment"
December 23, 2004 - February 9, 2007

Micah was no angel.  He growled too much, barked too much, stole food and toys, fought with his brother little eddie, and was a bully at the beaches dog park.  And I could not have loved him more.
Micah was an angel.  He woke up every day happy, gave kisses and little nips, ran just for the sheer joy of running, and touched me with his nose sometimes just to let me know he was there.  And I could not have loved him more.
I did not want to rescue another dog because I was afraid that I would not have enough love for two.  Micah taught me that there is always enough love to go around, more than enough.  And I could not have loved him more.
In the too short of a time that he was on this earth, this little white fluffy angel touched so many people with his joy.  He made eddie a better dog, and me a better person.  And I could not have loved him more.
Godpseed little Micah
until we meet again at the Bridge
Norma Marie and eddie james 
Those wishing to donate in Micah's memory may do so to the wonderful organization who rescued him through The Micah Bear Foundation.
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The First Kiss
Micah Bear
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Norma has set up a foundation in memory of her beloved Micah Bear.
Click here for more information


Proceeds will be used to help our special needs rescues
The Micah Bear Foundation
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