Michael's Story
My name is Michael.  I am named after the angel Michael. I want to tell you my story and hope that you can help me be the great little dog that I was meant to be. I am about 1½  years old. No one really knows my birthday but that is what I hear them saying. 

 I can't tell you who it was, but someone threw me out on the streets in a small town in Kentucky. I was really hungry and scared. I did not know anyone and it has been really hard for me to run or walk because you see my back legs where not right when I was born. My knees where turned around backwards. I could not walk on my feet like my sisters and brothers could. My knee joints did not stay together either, so I had to learn to move, as best I could. People laughed at me because I was all humped over. 
My backwards knees
I was scared, hungry and lonely 
on the street

Because my legs where so bad I could not push myself up like other dogs do so that I could walk proud like a real dog does. I got so hungry, and fleas and ticks started to bite me really bad. Then one day someone picked me up and took me to a place that was not so nice. I heard them say I have three days before they would "put me to sleep" if no one came to get me. But gee they did not even answer the phone when people called, it would just ring and ring. What if it was someone for me? But, I don't think so, no one wanted me. 

On the second day a very nice lady stopped in to see if she could help any little dogs in the pens. She took one look at me and I had to wag my tail it was so nice someone spoke softly to me. I was sad when she left. What I did not know is she went home to find out if someone could or would help me. She was calling all over the United States too.. She is so smart, she called the nice people at Northcentral Maltese Rescue, Inc. way far away in Wisconsin. And you know what? She came back the very next day and took me out of that place. I was so happy all I could do was give her kisses and wag my tail. The rescue asked her to take me straight to a veterinarian. I have never been to one of those you know. I was so happy, just happy, happy, happy. They took blood from me and checked me all over. Then I started to feel not so good. I heard them on the phone to the rescue lady in Wisconsin. They told her I had a disease called Parvo and that I was very sick. I was so afraid when I heard the veterinarian tell the lady that he thought they should just put me to sleep because I was so sick, because my legs where so bad, because I was so thin and because I was in such bad condition. He did not think I would survive. Then he hung up. The next thing I heard was "the rescue wants us to try for 4 days to save this little guy." Well I showed them, I got better in three days after getting all the meds they could get into me. The nice people from the rescue called everyday to see how I was. Then after a few days they did an operation on me, a neuter.  But I didn't care, I am alive and feeling pretty good. 

The next thing I know I am in a car and headed to Wisconsin. I am going to my new life!! I am scared, but I think I am in a safe place. And then I am in the arms of a rescue person who is telling me it will be all right that my life is starting now. She took me home and gave me a bath, I was not too crazy about that, don't think I ever had one before. She took all the ticks and fleas off of me too. Then we went to see another veterinarian. They have been so nice to me here. I have been here for about ten days now. They gave me an operation on one of my legs. The nice people who work here carry me around all day, what a treat!  On Tuesday, May 20th, I get the other leg operated on. They say I will be fine and running like other dogs soon. The problem is now the rescue has this big bill to pay. They say if a lot of people send in just a little bit of money it will help to pay for all of this. My bill is about $3,000!! I know it is a lot, but I am so sweet, and I am constantly wagging my tail, and I am worth every penny, I promise.

I have come so far, from being dumped on the street, going into a high kill shelter, and getting parvovirus.  Now with these surgeries, will you please be part of the team that made these possible? Please send in a donation, no matter how large or small. Thank you from the bottom of my tail wagging heart. Michael

Donations can be made on our website, http://malteserescue.homestead.com/DonationForm.html
or you can send a check to:

Northcentral Maltese Rescue, Inc
% of Trudy Peischl
110 Scenic Lane
Ellensburg, Wa 98926

This is my left leg after my first surgery.  My veterinarian has never seen legs as bad as mine.
I am so Happy Happy Happy 
to be in Wisconsin!
Me Before Surgery
After Surgery - I can walk now!
Michael's Story has a happy ending. 
He has been adopted and is racing around his new home! 
What a face!
Fetch the ball
Playing with the others
Three pictures from June 10, 2008
June 10, 2008

Michael's surgery and recovery were 
only possible because of the 
generous donations from people 
like you. We thank you on behalf of Michael.   

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