It is with a broken heart that I write this letter. I wanted to let you know of the passing of our beautiful and much loved little girl Millie. She will be sorely missed by her best friend Tipper, her father and myself. As a tribute to her, I wanted to write a few words to try to express how much she has meant to our family.

I was lucky enough to have been adopted by Millie and Tipper on October 15, 2004. Since then, we have shared many happy times, long walks, occasional pizzas, and many fond memories. Often it seems as pet owners we think we are the teachers. However in this case, Millie taught me some of life's most important lessons. By her example she taught me to live in the moment and let go of the past. She began her life in a kennel, in less than ideal coditions. In spite of this, she never despaired or lost her hope for a brighter future. She never lost her faith in the possible kindness of humans.

Her boundless, unconditional love helped me through many difficult times over the years. She comforted me and helped dry my tears through the loss of my father, and a few years later, the loss of my sister Carol. Her gentle, kind spirit was able to comfort more than words ever could. Millie, as most dogs, was an incredible judge of character. Humans that she mistrusted, and there were but a few, turned out to be not very nice people.

Millie became ill in December of 2012 and went to Rainbow Bridge on Febuary 10 2013. I think she can be found rolling on her back in the thick warm grass, even sampling a few blades here and there. She is probably also enjoying some pizza and steak as she did with her earthly family. She can also be found dancing on her hind legs and waving her front paws when she gets really excited.

I will forever miss her exuberant greeting to me whenever I return home, her warm head on my knee while relaxing on the couch, and her affectionate kisses whenever she felt I needed love. I will always remember the way she pranced, not merely walked from room to room. She knew she was special, and she was! I can only hope I was successful in granting her the bright future she envisioned and hoped for.

Millie loved her family, and Tipper especially. We may be blessed with dogs in the future, but Millie was such a special girl and she will never be forgotten. We will all miss her terribly.

Northcentral Maltese Rescue is a wonderful organization, and I thank you for allowing our lives to be touched by Millie. 

To Millie my sweet, precious angel, I will carry you in my heart forever, until we meet again.

Love Tipper, Mom and Dad
Tipper & Millie at Adoption in 2004
Sunny Millie with Tipper
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For our Loved Ones, The Heart Never Forgets