We got Misty when she was 10 weeks old. It was one of those "Free to a good home" ads. I always cringe when I see those ads, knowing the terrible things that could become of those poor little ones. Misty was so tiny then, weighing barely 2 pounds. The woman said her baby kept running over Misty with his walker. She needed a bigger dog. Misty was my lap dog right from the beginning. She had legs that were quite long and I always said she may have been a boo-boo, but she was MY little boo-boo. We eventually ended up calling her Boo.
Boo was so smart. She knew how to wrap herself around our hearts. Whenever my husband was laying on the couch, she politely "asked" if she could jump up there and curl up on him. She would scratch his arm and wait until he told her to come on up. Boo always wanted human contact. She didn't want to be near us, she wanted to be ON us. She needed to be held, laying on a lap, or curled up with someone on the couch every minute we were home. Right up to the very end she needed that contact. She was certainly a little lap dog. My dad loved her too, because she would lay on his lap and sleep with him for hours. We always take the fur kids when we visit family.
Boo's best friend, Taffy, passed to the bridge in June, 2000 at the age of 17 years. Boo was 9 years old at the time and she took the loss very hard. She wouldn't eat for more than a week and cried at night when Taffy wasn't there to curl up with. That was the beginning of the dogs sleeping with us.
The last couple of years had been hard for Boo. She was always scared of running into something. She couldn't see anything and her hearing was very poor. But to Boo, her quality of life was still good because the important thing to her was having that warm lap to curl up on and she still had that. Sometimes if I had work to do, I would rig up a carrier so I could work and hold her at the same time. We miss Boo and Taffy deeply. I know they are playing together at the bridge. They are well and they are happy. And one day I will see them again.
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