Nanook is our third bundle of love, devotion, patience and cuddliness we have adopted and who stole still another piece of our hearts. We were privileged to have him for 8 wonderful years. He left us March 28, 2017 just 2 months shy of 15 years old. He developed congestive heart failure and after some months of survival, just couldn't go any more and quit eating and taking his medicine. Another hole in our hearts. He was quite the character. His favorite treat was raw baby carrots. He would stand and bark at you until you got up, then he would lead the way to the kitchen and stand with his nose pointed at the door of the refrigerator where his carrots were. His favorite treats were almost all vegetables and many fruits. How do you mend a broken heart? I don't think anything is fool proof other than getting another little cuddle bug. Nanook, have fun with the other dogs at the Rainbow Bridge until we meet you there at a later time.
Mom & Dad Myers