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OctoberFest in Wisconsin, 2005
Suzi drove 3 hrs to get to Wales. Marianne and Becky raised some funds for Northcentral Maltese Rescue.  
Sharon, Debbie and Marianne donated items for animal victims of Katrina that had been brought to Racine, Wisconsin as part of a large rescue operation. The group admired new dog strollers but time went so fast there was not time to parade the little ones.  Speaking for all in attendence and those who wanted to be there but could not, we want to see more of these informal gatherings!

“Big thanks to Marianne and Bob for hosting this party!  I can't tell you how nice it was to put faces to the names I've seen for so long now. The only person who was there that I'd met before was Mary!  I had a great time, the food and company were great, it was sooo worth driving in for.  It's just the sweetest thing, loving Malts like we do, to see a small pack of them in one area at the same time.  Makes your heart smile!” 
Suzi, Bingo, Max, Abby, and foster girl Sophie.  

It was just a great Saturday afternoon to share with friends and furbabies. Lets do it again!
* Note Hope in the background under table
Read about Hope here
Lori's "Ozzy" played mama's boy and stuck to her like glue all afternoon.    
Lee and Kathy attended their first Malt picnic and said it wouldn't be their last.  
Lilly                         All the pups had a great time                      Fancy

On October 1, 2005, friends of little white fluffies gathered in Wales, WI for a day of fun, good food and delightful company.  Old friendships were renewed and new friendships were made.  It was a HOT Wisconsin Saturday unlike most October days. The sun shone brightly as the group gathered to share ideas, problems & solutions and watch demonstrations. The weather could not have been better if they ordered it. Marianne & Bob were hosts to 15 people and 24 white and 1 princely brown dog! They have a beautiful home and a wonderful yard where all the doglets got to play, play, play! Several x-pens were linked together to provide a safe enclosure for the Malts, and Lani brought a 10’x10’ tent to provide some shade from the sun. 
    "Hope was at the picnic. She got to lay in the warm 
  sun, lounge on the porch glider/swing, spend time 
  getting socialized with other dogs and humans.  I got 
  to hold her and help her feel a loving gentle touch. 
  She was so sweet."

Mary Palmer was the chief umbrella-holder. 
 Q.  Guess who got sunburned! 
 A.   Yep, Sharon!

       Craig was brave enough to lie on the grass 
       inside the x-pen and give lots of attention to all. 
       And he received lots of attention in return!

Lani outdid herself with gifts for everyone, pups and humans alike. 
She made hand sewn Halloween collars for the Malts (here modeled
by Romeo) and brought fun jack-o-lantern candle holders filled with 
goodies for the human guests.
There is no doubt that when Malt lovers, meet, they eat Very well! Pre 
dinner appetizers included 
crackers, cheese and sausage. 
Brats were grilled and kept warm in 
a mouth-watering mix of beer and 
onions. The brats and BBQ beef 
were served warm on buns along 
with sauer kraut, cheesey potatoes,  pasta salad, cole slaw, two broccoli salads, White Maltese jello, tomatoes, carrots & chips with dip, pickles and olives. Dessert capped off the meal with 2 kinds of brownies and cookies, 
The Malts ate well, also! 

* For  delicious recipies click here   
Left: Feeding Frenzy
After dinner Mary gave a demonstration on face grooming and Debbie K. demonstrated expression of some important glands on the opposite end of faces! Let's just say it was a much needed service for a dog or two!
Tom and Mary, who tried, but Sharon is still getting the sun!
Mark and Kathy enjoy the day
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