Pee Wee was a very sweet and loving boy. He loved to play with his toys by throwing them up in the air. When he was feeling insecure he loved to be held like a baby on your shoulder. He loved to play with his “brother”, Skip and they slept and ate together too.

Pee Wee liked his walks and loved to run free in the park. Even though he had a rough start to his life he was never aggressive or shy. He loved to give kisses and cuddle on the couch.

He lost his eyesight to Retinal Degenerative Syndrome about 2 years after we adopted him, but that didn’t slow him down. He adjusted to it slowly and as long as you didn’t move the furniture around he was fine. He also liked to roll around in anything that smelled good to him, including his treats.

 His first New Years Eve after we adopted Pee Wee, my friend came over to watch a movie. She had dogs as a child but they were always outside dogs. When she saw Pee Wee she fell in love. She loved watching him play and saw how wonderful it was to have inside dogs. She now has her own inside small dogs and because of Pee Wee’s story of his adoption, became interested in rescue work. About two years ago she started her own small dog rescue group named Tiny Paws Small Dog Rescue. So even though Pee Wee is gone, his legacy lives on. He will always be remembered by us, as the dog who started a small dog rescue, that has saved over 700 animals lives.

Pee Wee was a wonderful addition to our family, and brought years of love, smiles and laughter to our household. In December 2010 he was diagnosed with cancer. He held on as long as he could and in April his quality of life was disappearing. He passed away on April 21st, 2010 and we will miss him forever. Rest in peace Pee Wee.
Susan Rodefer and Family.
Pee Wee
For our Loved Ones, The Heart Never Forgets
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