We rescued Pipsy (known as Heidi at the animal shelter) April 17, 1999 on our way home from dumping trash. I had been wanting a dog, I knew it had to be a small dog and I had already chosen a name if it was a blond. Pipsy, named for a little blond mouse in a Nintendo game I played with my grandson. We parked and I walked around the outside to see the dogs and my wife went inside. In the second space was a little blond curly long haired Maltese mix dog I loved instantly and put my finger through the screen where she licked it and then jumped back startled that she had licked a stranger. My wife came outside and said the personnel stated that this dog was not friendly. Anyone could see she was. I went inside and asked to see her. A few minutes later Heidi as she was known then sauntered out (she had just been trimmed from being a ball of hair) and pranced out to us proudly. We filled out an adoption form and found she was in heat and needed to be spayed before we could take her if we were chosen. We went back to visit for a second day and Pipsy was very friendly and excited. I had her under my arm and set her down on the counter. She jumped up on me and stuck her tongue in my ear and they said she had chosen us. They also allowed us to take her home for the weekend if we would take her in to the vet's Monday morning for her neutering, which we did. She was a curly little white and apricot colored ball of sweetness and she went everywhere with us. We were together for nine years, she was around six when she came to live with us.

She loved to travel with us in our little motor home and went back to Nebraska with us with stops at Little Bighorn, Deadwood, SD. and Mt. Rushmore.  Also made a trip to Arizona and looked out over the Grand Canyon. She seemed impressed by its vastness. She was always very happy to be back home though. Her health began to wane towards the end of 2007 when she about 16. She slept between us at night on a pad and we put a diaper on her because of incontinence occasionally. In March we took the motor home up on the Columbia River and camped near Omak for some fishing. She layed around and didn't have much energy. On March 8, 2008 she had spent the day in my lap. I went down to the store and bought some deli thin sliced ham she loved and gave some to her with water and she ate it and enjoyed it. A couple of hours later she became quite uncomfortable and began kicking and couldn't stand. My wife, a nurse, said she thought Pipsy was leaving us. I held her too my chest till she passed on and became quiet. It was 6:05 p.m. I hugged her a while and we wrapped her in her favorite blanket we had spent many hours together in and prepared for her little interment the next day. I know she will be waiting for me one day and it will be the highpoint of my life. She was truly one of a kind.
Pipsy Heidi Miller
age about 17
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