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It is the mission of Northcentral Maltese Rescue, Inc. to rescue unwanted, abandoned or stray Maltese  dogs, to alleviate their pain and suffering by providing medical care while in a protected foster home environment and to find them a loving, safe and permanent home where they can live out their lives in the comfort of secure surroundings. All dogs will be spayed or neutered before placement. Northcentral Maltese Rescue Inc. will extend a helping hand to any person, shelter or rescue organization that requests our assistance.
Pixie When She Came into Rescue
In a prior email we sent information about a dog named Pixie who was rescued by Northcentral Maltese Rescue (NMR). This week, we are sending an email about another dog - a different dog - also named Pixie, who was rescued by NMR from a puppy mill. We'll call her Pixie Too so that no one will be confused.
Pixie Too was treated like livestock at the puppy mill. She was bred repeatedly so that the puppy mill owner could sell her puppies to mass market "pet shops." Pixie Too was bred for many years, during which she never received adequate care. As livestock, she was not given loving or affectionate attention. When the Rescue got her, she was frightened by human contact and would tremble and crouch down in terror when anyone tried to pet her or scratch her behind the ears.
Within days, Pixie Too was shaved and washed and free from the filth and disease that had accumulated on her hair and skin during years of neglect. She received medical attention. She was groomed - her nails were trimmed (a small thing to most, but for Pixie Too it was the first time in her life that her nails were trimmed). Her ears were cleaned and treated for mites and a yeast infection. She received all of her shots and was spayed. She would never again have to give birth to litter after litter to provide profit to a breeder who had made her life a living hell.
Pixie Too was one of the lucky ones who found her way to NMR. The caring people at the Rescue take dogs that breeders no longer want. Pixie Too was scooped out of her cage and into the arms of love for the first time in her life.
Today Pixie Too lives in a loving home and has learned to trust and love the attention and kindness that should always have been hers. She was saved by the generosity and grace of volunteers and the many
people who step up and donate time and money to make the work of the NMR possible. Sadly, there are thousands of dogs like Pixie Too who still need to be rescued. Please donate anything that you can to help us rescue more dogs.
PIXIE’S STORY   Click Here

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