June 24, 2012
Dear Friends,

            Our little bud Robbie passed peacefully yesterday at home surrounded by friends. We are grateful for all the joy he brought to our lives for all the years he had on this earth. We will miss his physical presence and demanding personality but know that it was his time and that he is embracing his nonphysical life with equal vigor. We bless him on his new journey, knowing he will continue his evolutionary unfoldment of his presence. We are both proud to have been part of that continuum. We are also grateful to those friends who were able to make his transition a softer moment in time. Dee and I were able to sit with Robbie after his passing for quite a while allowing us to let go with friends which really helped. Then we buried him in the back yard of our home and went out to celebrate for dinner at our friend's restaurant. So here is to Robbie, so you could be included in that circle too.

Lots of Love to you all from Dee and Michael
Words for Robbie.
Robbie was, and still is, my life. He taught unconditional love, and now he has taught me about making a transition to a higher calling. He will always be close to my heart, and we remain unseparated in time and space. Until then…I love you Robbie.
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For our Loved Ones, The Heart Never Forgets