Russie came to us in 2009 along with his sister Macy as fosters. Their original owner was very sick, Macy and Russie were both already seniors. We were the sixth fosters. When they came to us they were sweet however you could see they were anxious as they were going to yet another foster home. The first few days we would find them huddled together, Russie protecting his 3.5 lb. sister. It was pretty much love at first sight for my husband and I. Within a week or so, they were very comfortable at our home with us and our poodle Pierre and we could tell they chose us as their family and we adopted them.

They were so adorable and had such sweet dispositions. Within the first month, Macy got sick and passed away from a heart attack. Russie was devastated, sad and lonely. We did everything to cheer him up. We bought him a special car seat, I took him to the office everyday with me. He would always peek in the next office of my coworker Mary whom he could tell she was a pet person and he loved greeting her. Russie was really happy to be with me daily and slowly you could see his sadness disappear and in time he was back to his normal happy, spunky self who charmed everyone he met.

Russie was definitely a mama’s boy although he also loved my husband, he always wanted me. When my husband and I went away on vacations my mom would come up and watch them. When we returned Russie always let me know how much he missed me by jumping on me and licking my face for about 15 minutes nonstop. He was such a joy and he enjoyed being with big brother Pierre.  

Eventually as Russie aged he got cataracts. In 2015 we noticed his sight was getting worse and his hearing was going and some arthritis came. He had been on KD food for kidneys which kept them under control. The vet said other than that he was very healthy for his age. By the winter of 2015, we could tell Russie’s sight was almost completely gone and with that he became anxious and would pace. He would start waking up all hours overnight. Eventually we bubble wrapped the house so it was a safer place for him to walk. Gradually Russie seemed extremely tired all the time and would sleep most of the day and night except to eat and go to the bathroom and his kidneys were starting to decline. Russie was no longer the spunky energetic dog we knew and we decided it was time to let him rest and be with his sister Macy again. He was 16 years old.

He and Macy will always be in our hearts.

Russie & Macy 2009
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