Sammie or Sam-I Am
our Maltese Miracle
R.I.P.   June 4, 2015
Self-assured and in charge, but mostly gentle in his commands and desires. He did not appreciate other canines, mostly because of his perception of his general command of the world around him, having kept track of those that existed both inside and outside of his royal mandate. Size, of course, mattered to him because dogs larger than Him clearly did not come with rights of free passage on His streets or walkways. 

Diplomacy? Maybe you would criticize him for being too straight forward about his rules. No, that was what Karen and I were there for. If some undeserving dog were on his chartered territory and he would use all the powers of persuasion to frighten them away; Karen and I would play the diplomat’s role.  

In this equation we, that is Karen and I, were charged with upkeep, feeding, bathing, dressing this superior creature. You may think it strange, but we loved doing all these chores for him since they gave our lives meaning. 

For this we received appreciation beyond words and beyond bagging poops. Those evenings snuggled up with Sam at the foot of the bed was its’ own reward. Other than keeping our feet warm he made certain that the 4 am paper boy delivery was remarked upon and that his Miss Kitty Burmese feline roommate properly disciplined, it was his job to wake us promptly at 7:00 a.m. with a kiss, or at least a little bit of huffing and puffing in my face. Daylight saving time, was, of course, beyond him, but the blessing was that we never had to worry, having warned our friends to not mind if we were seasonally either an hour late or an hour early. His example to us fits in one word: Focus. 

Such is our life as a family “in service”. After all, we loved him dearly, especially for just what he was. I say was, since he passed away this morning of inoperable brain malfunction. Having served his time amongst us, he left his mark….about 2” up on every tree, sign post and tire along both his and our road. 

A fine road, indeed.

Don & Karen

On our floating home on logs in Seattle’s Lake Union, with no yard, no fence, just a 300’ floating dock, 30 other heavenly abodes and 8 other dogs. What a life! 
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