My sweet little Samantha was, and is, the light of my life.  By far and away the most lovable, entertaining little girl I've ever known.  Sammie came to live me at nine-weeks of age.  She was a gift from a friend for my baby Joplin, who was scheduled for heart-surgery within the week.  Joplin and Sammie became the best of friends.  Then along came Francine.  Sammie took care of her baby sister.  She watched out for her and didn't let anyone mess with her.  Franky took her death the hardest.
Sammie's death is still somewhat a mystery.  I ran around frantically trying to save my precious girl.  Although I still cry, on a daily basis, I thank God for bringing this little Sunshine into our lives.  Even for just a short time.  I would not trade the memories for anything in the world.
You sleep tight my little Angel.  Mommy and your sisters and brother miss you so very much.  My heart aches for you.  Wait for us at the bridge, when we will all be together again.
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July 21, 2003 to April 9, 2005
l to r:  Sisters Franny, Sammie & Joplin
Sammie & Mommy
Here's a picture of Sammie on my lap.  That was her favorite spot.  She insisted on being held ALL the time.  I sure miss holding her 
l to r:  Billy, Sammie, Debbie, Joplin & Frankie 
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For our Loved Ones, The Heart Never Forgets
The Legend of Rainbow Bridge
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