Northcentral's Little Sassy With Mammary Tumors
Sassy was a sweetheart of a girl with all the positive attitude and behaviors of the  Maltese personality that we have grown to know and love.  She was  happy and friendly with everyone.  When we rescued her from a puppy mill she had many mammary cancer tumors in her belly.  Her nails were so long and curled it was difficult for her to walk.  We cleaned her up, cut off her matted hair and provided the surgery to remove the tumors.  She was adopted by a wonderful woman in Oregon who took her  trick-or-treating at Halloween and on bike rides around the town.  Sassy was dearly loved.  Unfortunately it is impossible to get every last cell of the cancer, and in a few months Sassy's cancer returned. Her mom took very good care of her and our Rescue  helped with chemotherapy treatments. She lost her hair, as people often do, and she was a real trooper about the procedures,  but a little over a year after we took her in, she passed away.

The ordeal the Sassy had to go through was a direct result of not being spayed before her puberty. This gives you a good idea of the trauma that dogs and parents alike must go through if the dogs get these tumors and the importance of spaying female dogs early in life.
Sassy at time of adoption
After Chemotherpy
Tumors and nails
Tumors were more extensive than what initially met the eye
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