April 26, 2006
Dear beloved friends, I have been trying to put this day and this letter off for as long as possible but today I had to admit Mommy can’t fix everything.  Tempe was dying this morning here at home lying on his side barely breathing I was granted the ability in spite of my knees to get down onto the floor with him and kiss him and rub his ears and thank him for his loyalty and love all these years.  Forgive me for rambling you may just delete this but it is healing for me to write it.  I reminded him of how he came to us from Sheltie rescue 9 years ago and what a timid boy he was!  He had been a show dog destined to be a stud and he had won many shows, but he hated traveling and finally nerves caused him to breakout with the sheltie illness casuing hair loss and sores, and so he was nutered and became his owners dear baby. She had to move to England and knew then that the 6 month quarenteen would kill him, and she cried and cried. She was the vet tech at our old vet and she learned we were looking for a rescue collie and she became filled with joy and called us about taking Tempe instead. We had met him many times at the vet and were filled with joy to add him to our family. His owner was relieved because they had named a room for us at the vet we were there so often, ha ha, every time a baby even might be sick to the vet we went! My husband said he was only 7 when we brought him home.  He blossomed into a gentle protector for Mommy and even gently caught our Canary and held him in his mouth not so much as harming a feather until I got there to return Sunny safely to his cage.  
I franticlly called Terry to come home right away to say goodbye, and while he comforted Tempe I got dressed. When Tempe heard me coming down the stairs he rose to his feet and tried to come to me.  I wrapped his fuzzy butterfly blanket around him and Terry held him on the way to the vet. At the office the vet gave him a shot of traquilizer and Tempe frantically struggeled in Terry’s arms trying to get away. I know it hurt because he had lost most of the muscle.  I reached for him and put him on my chest and cooed to him he immediately calmed down and rested his head against my chest and arm. The vet came and gave him the shot to take him to rainbow bridge as I told him of his reunion to come with his pals Skipper, Sampson and Delilah, Satch and Buddy and how one day we would be together again, and Tempe peacefully slipped into the next world.  I love him I miss him but we knew it was his time.  Oh my dear friends I would never be able to bear this life with its never ending goodbyes if I did not foresee a wonderful reunion for us all. God bless you thanks so much for your love and prayers my heart aches for your sorrows and rejoices with your triumps. 
Hugs, Barbe

And we here send many hugs back to Barbe
                           Tempe's Story
For our Loved Ones, The Heart Never Forgets
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