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Some of these dogs have special needs, but they yearn for and deserve a loving forever home.
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​LOCATED IN HUNTERSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA: Alex is a 12 year old, seven pound male Maltese. He lost his home due to his owner’s work schedule changes. Alex couldn’t adapt to staying home alone for long, extended hours. This little boy loves everyone he meets. He gets along well with the dogs in his foster home, he travels well in the car and he is very easy to groom. He does well with older, well- behaved children and will be a true companion. Alex does have some separation anxiety so his ideal home would have someone home most of the day. He seems to do better if home with another dog. Alex is potty trained if kept to a schedule but wears a belly band in the house. Alex does not like to be crated and will fuss if he is. He does have a heart murmur but is asymptomatic and not on any medications. This will need to be monitored by your vet. This little cutie has been completely vetted and just had a dental cleaning. He is looking for his forever home.
Read the NMR Adoption Process and then fill out an application which you can find at Send in your paper application and fee. If you have questions, call Kathy at 262-853-4412.