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Warm up with a Maltese!
Not Just in Winter but for Life

We are an experienced and constantly growing rescue organization that is made up entirely of volunteers dedicated to helping these special little dogs.  Providing nationwide coverage are President and Rescue Director Mary Palmer at and Vice President
Trudy Peischl at  You may contact either of these officers for information 
on nationwide rescue.

It is the mission of Northcentral Maltese Rescue, Inc. to accept Maltese dogs that their owners, for whatever reason, can no longer take care of. Some of these dogs are abandoned or stray, and they come to us from all over the country.  We alleviate any pain or suffering by providing medical care while in a protected foster home environment, and we find them a loving, safe and permanent home where they can live out their lives in the comfort of secure surroundings. All dogs will be spayed or neutered before placement. Northcentral Maltese Rescue, Inc. will extend a helping hand to any shelter or rescue organization that requests our assistance.  

Northcentral Maltese Rescue was formed in January, 2001, and it was incorporated and applied for its 501(c)3 status that same year.  We were expecting about 15 Maltese rescues that year and took in 35.  After that, the number of rescues increased yearly. We are the only Maltese Rescue that accepts dogs and adopts dogs across the United States and Canada.  Federal Not-for-Profit status was applied for in 2001 and granted in March, 2006.

Every June Northcentral Maltese Rescue, Inc. organizes a big picnic for Maltese and small dog lovers. People travel from across the country to attend the picnic which is a fun and informative weekend for attendees. It is also an important fund raiser for the Rescue with all proceeds going to veterinary care for the Maltese rescue dogs.  To get a feel for what the picnic entails, check out the Picnic album.
Headquarters in Racine, Wisconsin
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We are a non-profit publicly supported charitable organization
All donations may be tax deductible and greatly appreciated
Celebrating our 19th year of rescuing Maltese and other dogs
Mary Palmer      President, Rescue Director
Trudy Peischl    Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Webmaster
Rose Lehrke      Malt Shoppe Manager
Board Member
Libby Johnson

Wisconsin License Number:  267968

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